Ladies Finger (Okra) 500g


Ladies Finger (Okra) 500g


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Fresh Ladies Finger 500 gm Pack | Okra or Ladies Finger Can add to salads, soups, and stews. They can eat fresh or dried, pickled, fried, sautéed, roasted, or boiled.

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What is ladies finger or bhindi or okra?

It's a type of green vegetable, long like ladies' fingers, Those have a small tip at the tapering end. Its head shows a bulge, lighter green in shade, which is often removed as an inedible portion. The cross-section cut okra shows white-coloured round seeds spread entirely inside the vegetable.

One of the peculiar signs of this vegetable is its internal stickiness. 

The lady's finger may be cut into round pieces or sliced into 4 halves or may be put whole in a mixed vegetable subji. 

Culinary Uses of ladies finger or bhindi or okra in Indian Cooking

  •   Lady's finger is one of the mouth watering vegetables, due to its great palatability to make tasty Bhindi masala with gravy, Dahi bhindi in Kerala style subzis.
  • It can be cooked as a subji, a part of the Main course with Bhindi. It can be savoured with phulkas or rotis and with plain rice and dal too.     
  • You can deep fry the bhindi and savour it as a starter. Try Bhindi Pakoda and Crispy Masala Bhindi as a starter in your meal.       
  • Lady's finger can be used in delicious Sambhar along with mixed vegetables for your South Indian Idlis and Dosas. It can also be added in sambhar instead of pumpkin.       
  • Try making yummy kadhi, Sindhi Kadhi with Bhindi. You will be surely praised by your family members for your quick and easy Stir-fry Bhindi with peanuts subzi.    

BrandCruciferous vegetables

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