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Pampers Premium Care Night Diapers Size 3, 7 -11 kg 58pcs
Pampers Premium Care Night Diapers Size 3, 7 -11 kg 58pcs

Pampers Premium Care Night Diapers Size 3, 7 -11 kg 58pcs

SKU: pampers-night58

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SKU: pampers-night58

  In stock

Pampers Premium Care Extra Sleep Protection Night Diapers Size 3 -58pcs

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Pampers Premium Care Comfort: Wrap them in softest comfort.

1. Runny Mess Absorption

  • Feels silky soft while pulling wetness and runny mess away from baby's skin

2. Silky Soft

  • Gently wraps your baby in silky softness

3. Soft & Stretchy sides

  • All-round soft and stretchy sides for a comfortable fit

Pampers Premium Care Protection: The best protection for newborn skin.

1. Extra Absorb Channels

  • Help distribute wetness evenly for trusted dryness and less bulk

2. Wetness Indicator

  • Let's you know when it might be time for a change

3. Baby Lotion

  • Helps protect your baby's delicate skin from irritation.

Pampers Premium Care Protection: 100% Safety

Pampers premium care diapers are tested to make sure they respect your baby's sensitive skin

1. Clinically and Dermatologically tested

  • Pampers®  make sure it's products can be used in total safety and respect your baby's sensitive skin

2. Carefully selected materials

  • Pampers® works in collaboration with paediatricians and toxicologists to select and validate the safety of our products


How does a Pampers® Premium care protection diaper work and what is it made of?

As parents, you must want a 100% safe, comfortable diaper that keeps your baby dry and let him explore the world. Pampers® has been designing diapers for 50 years with exactly this in mind: making sure that performance and comfort go hand-in-hand with safety.

What's in Pampers® Premium Care™

1. Absorbent core: The Super Absorbent, Cellulose, Polypropylene and Polyester

This is the core of Pampers® technology! It absorbs moisture and keeps it away from your baby’s skin to make sure it stays healthy and dry.

2. Topsheet: Polypropylene Fibers

The top sheet draws moisture to the inside of the diaper to keep your baby’s skin nice and dry. The top sheet, which comes in contact with your baby’s skin, contains polypropylene fibers to make it soft and comfortable for baby.

3. Backsheet: Polyethylene and Polypropylene

This is the back of the diaper. It keeps moisture from transferring to the bed or baby’s clothes. It is composed of polyethylene and an inner envelope of polypropylene for softness and comfort.

4. Stretch Fastenings: Polypropylene and Polyester Fibers.

These repositionable strips are soft and keep the diaper perfectly fit on your baby. They are composed of polypropylene and polyester fibers that add softness and flexibility for even more comfort for your baby. See full list



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