Passion Fruit 500G


Passion Fruit 500G

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SKU: passionfruit

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A Pack of Approx 500 gm Fresh Ripe Passionfruit

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Indulge in the exotic and vibrant flavors of Passion Fruit with Beyond Fresh!

This juicy and aromatic fruit, also known as maracuja, is a tropical delight that adds a touch of passion to any dish or drink. But Passion Fruit is not just a tasty treat, it is also packed with nutrients and health benefits that make it a must-have in your shopping cart. Read on to discover the wonders of Passion Fruit and how to use it in your cooking and wellness routine. Plus, all UAE shoppers can easily purchase it online on Beyond Fresh, the trusted source for fresh and high-quality produce, groceries, and more.

Short note about Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit is a round or oval-shaped fruit with a thin, leathery skin and a soft, juicy, and flavorful pulp. It comes in various colors, including yellow, orange, purple, or red, and has a sweet and tangy taste with a hint of citrus and berry notes. Passion Fruit is native to South America, where it is grown in warm and humid regions, and is widely cultivated in many tropical and subtropical countries around the world. It is a good source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and has various medicinal and culinary uses.

Benefits of Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit is a nutritious and versatile fruit that can contribute to a healthy and balanced diet. Some of the potential benefits of Passion Fruit include:

  • Boosting immunity: Passion Fruit is rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the body from free radicals and support the immune system.
  • Supporting digestion: Passion Fruit contains soluble and insoluble fibers that aid in digestion and prevent constipation. It also has enzymes that aid in the breakdown of proteins and help ease indigestion.
  • Reducing stress: Passion Fruit has properties that may help reduce anxiety and stress, thanks to its high levels of flavonoids and other phytochemicals. It may also improve sleep and promote relaxation.
  • Improving skin health: Passion Fruit has vitamin A, a nutrient that promotes skin health and helps prevent acne and aging. It also has vitamin C, which helps protect the skin from sun damage and environmental stressors.

How to use Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit is a versatile fruit that can be enjoyed in many ways. Some ideas on how to use it include:

  • Eating it fresh: Cut Passion Fruit in half, scoop out the seeds and pulp with a spoon, and eat it as a snack or dessert. You can also add it to fruit salads or smoothies, or use it as a topping for yogurt or ice cream.
  • Using it as a condiment: Mix Passion Fruit pulp with lime juice and sugar to make a sweet and tangy sauce or marinade for meats, seafood, or vegetables. You can also use it as a glaze for baked goods, such as cakes or cookies.
  • Drinking it as a juice: Blend Passion Fruit with water or other juices to make a refreshing and healthy drink. You can also add it to cocktails or mocktails for a tropical twist.

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