SKU: s26gold-stage2-400g

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SKU: s26gold-stage2-400g

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Wyeth Nutrition S26 Milk Gold Stage 2 400g | Infant Formula Based On Cow's Milk, From 6 - 2 Months

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About Wyeth S-26®

For the past hundred years, our guiding principle has always been to pursue scientifically-advanced formulas and nutritional supplements of the highest quality and safety.

Over the course of nearly a century, we have committed faithfully to our role as pioneers in the field of nutritional sciences to provide the best nutritional support for infants and young children globally.

For us, research and development plays a vital part. In recent years, our dedication towards this has enabled us to set up countless records in launching new products, expanding product lines, and achieving breakthrough developments.

Wyeth® Nutrition has five core values:


With over 100 years of pioneering firsts, bringing groundbreaking products and services in nutrition science, we continue to push at the boundaries of science to driver the most advanced infant nutrition formulas to support child development.


The core of our expertise is infant nutrition - since 1915, we’ve remained unafraid to ask “why not?” in our pursuit of progress through scientific endeavour.


We remain true to our founder’s visual, never forgetting our infinitely precious calling: to unlock the full potential of every child.


We treat the trust placed upon us with utmost honor and responsibility, driving nutrition science forward through clinical rigor, scientific research and commitment to the highest quality standards.


We care about doing what’s right and what’s good for infants, parents, healthcare professionals and the planet.

Nourishing Future Generations

As we move forward we continue to dedicate ourselves to the most uncompromising people - parents. Our commitment is to push the limits of science to ensure every child can have the healthier start in life. Only by doing so can we help the next generation make a greater impact on the world.


  1. 1. 1915 Dr. Henry Gerstenberger starts to develop a formula based on the composition of human milk.
  2. 2. 1918 Extensive clinical studies of the formula, named SMA (Synthetic Milk Adapted), were done the Babies’ Dispensary and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland establishing it as a successful feeding alternative for infants.
  3. 3. 1923 Results of clinical trials are published, patents are applied for and SMA® formula is licensed to be sold– SMA® the company is born.
  4. 4. 1925 International distribution of SMA®
  5. 5. 1947 First formula fortified with Vitamin C
  6. 6. 1956 First to add expiration dates
  7. 7. 1961 Introduction of S-26®, the world’s first whey-dominant infant formula
  8. 8. 1969 Nursoy® for lactose intolerant babies introduced
  9. 9. 1981 S26® low birth weight introduced
  10. 10.1995 S26® Mama® is introduced
  11. 11. 1996 First to discover enhanced source of DHA and AA
  12. 12. 1998 Introduction of S-26® Gold® with balanced levels of DHA and AA
  13. 13. 2002 First infant formula enriched with Alpha-lactalbumin, a high-quality whey protein
  14. 14. 2006 First formula with lutein to help support eye development
  15. 2011 Launch of ILLUMA® premium formula in China, the first infant formula to approach the benefits of human milk at the molecular level
  16. 2012 Nestle acquires Wyeth from Pfizer. Wyeth is renamed as Wyeth® Nutrition, and became a part of Nestle Nutrition

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